We have over 40,000 customers, with many people using it 3-4 times a day. Having spoken to many thousands of satisfied users, our customer advisors find the most popular times people seems to use the device are first thing in the morning, around lunch and again last thing at night however, if you want to use it more often this is perfectly fine as you cannot over use it.

No. It is completely natural. It contains no drugs. As such, it has no side-effects and can be used as often as required. Many users begin by using the device several times a day and gradually they are able to reduce the frequency of their therapies.

In many cases it will work to relieve pain almost immediately or within a few hours. A small number of people may need a little longer, and in these cases we recommend persevering with the device for up to 14 days to feel the full benefits of the acupuncture. The degree of relief experienced varies from user to user and is affected by a variety of factors, including the severity of the user’s pain.

Use whenever you require relief from pain. Many users start with 3 to 5 applications a day and are able to reduce the number of applications needed as time progresses.

A pen on full battery should last you at least a month. And if it runs out of battery, just replace the 1 AA battery. It's that simple!

We go over the basic acupoints in the user manual that comes with every pen, but we also sell an advanced acupuncture trigger points guide.

As long as the device is turned on, and you feel the light sensation, you know the pen is doing its magic! :)

Yes. To use it on someone else, hold the device in one hand, making sure the fingers are firmly wrapped around the metal ring. With your other hand, make contact with the person receiving the therapy. For example, place your hand on their shoulder. This will ensure that the therapy is correctly administered.

Sensitivity to the therapy varies on the intensity level you set and upon the area of the body being treated. For the lowest intensity, people find that they cannot or barely feel the pulses emitted by the pen. The sensation gradually increases as you raise the intensity level.

No. it is a completely non-invasive therapy.

Place the device directly on the point of pain, or as close as possible. 

Our device uses your hand as a ground pole to complete the circuit, so there is a small possibility you could feel the pen in your hand. That's because there are many acupoints in the hand. To fix this, you simply have to slightly change your grip, or hold the device with more of your hand to disperse the effect.

No. The device retains its charge during periods of inactivity.


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